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[edit]. Social networking websites allow individuals to interact with one another
and build relationships.

Social media as a public utility

Social Media as a Public Utility is a theory implying that social networking sites (such as Facebook , LinkedIn , Google+ , Google Search

Social Media Blitz - Build Your Social Media Networking with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedInSocial Media Blitz – Build Your Social Media Networking with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
Looking to build your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn? Join us on our “Social Media Blitz” by following us and we will help build your network. Credi…

Categorized List of Social Media and Social Networking Websites
CULTURES/FOREIGN LANGUAGES: Acelerame – Spanish (cars) Amina – Chechen Republic Black Planet – African American ClubGh – Ghana Hyves – Dutch IRC Galleria – Finland iWiW – Hungary IndianPad LunarStorm – Sweden MiGente – Latino Mixi – Japan Nexopia – Canada Playahead – Sweden Scoopeo – French StudiVZ – German students Wa…

best-social-media-networksBest Social Media Networks
from nelsanellis, 3 months ago in Business & Mgmt

How Big Should Your Network Be?
Forbes, on Thu, 02 Jan 2014 06:53:40 -0800
There is a debate happening between software developers and scientists: How large can and should our networks be in this evolving world of social media? The answer to this question has dramatic implications for how we look at our own relationship 

The Social Media Marketing Book
Dan Zarrella, published 2009, 244 pages

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