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Targeted networking and social media: how to win new business …
Nov 27, 2013 Networking with a purpose, partnerships with other small businesses and staff
training are key to winning new business, experts say.

Social media

Social media refers to interaction virtual communities and networks Andreas Kaplan spend more than six hours on social networking sites. ”

Social networking for small business, brought to you by BlackBerrySocial networking for small business, brought to you by BlackBerry
BlackBerry shows you how your business can connect with more customers using the latest social networking apps available now on your BlackBerry. Learn how to…

Social Media Marketing, News, & Tools for Business
Social media strategies to grow traffic and increase sales for your business. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ news and other social media management tools for…

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Small Business Companies Using Social Media in 2013: Statistics …
Small business companies also follow the track of social media promotion. The leading social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) are widely used by businessmen for competitor & customer analysis. Social media 

42 Rules of Social Media for Small Business
Jennifer L. Jacobson, published 2009, 122 pages

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