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Which social network is best for your business? – CNN Money
Oct 30, 2013 Almost 75% of small businesses use social media, but do they use it correctly?
Here's a rundown of the top 6 sites and how best to use them.

Viral marketing

techniques that use pre-existing social networking service s and other technologies attributed to the Harvard Business School graduate Tim

Social networking for small business, brought to you by BlackBerrySocial networking for small business, brought to you by BlackBerry
BlackBerry shows you how your business can connect with more customers using the latest social networking apps available now on your BlackBerry. Learn how to…

A Weekly Roundup of Small-Business News –
The House passes a bipartisan jobs bill intended, in part, to make it easier for small businesses to raise money. Forty percent of Americans believe the economy is growing, and Zions Bank says there is an upturn in optimism for small businesses. Small businesses report their third straight month of job gains.

tlcs-social-networking-for-small-businessTLCS Social Networking for Small Business
from MarklynJohnson, 3 years ago in Business & Mgmt
Top Level Computer Services (TLCS) specializes in helping small businesses utilize Social Media to increase exposure to their client base and help create brand loyalty. This is an outsourced service for companies that can’t afford to pay another employee for this exponentially growing networking, sales generating juggernaut. Take the complexity out focus on your day to day and let TLCS do the work for you at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time employee.

Web, social media can help small businesses thrive, on Thu, 12 Dec 2013 04:36:59 -0800
I don't need to convince you that a small business must maximize its online presence if it has any hopes of surviving, let alone thriving, in this tough economic climate. After all, marketing methods that worked in the past are now antiquated with the

Social networking and cyber crime worries — another day – BetaNews
Many surveys of how employees use technology focus on larger companies, but the latest 2013 Small Business Employee Survey from GFI Software looks only at firms with between two and 99 employees.

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