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List of social networking websites – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Faith Based social network for Christian believers from around the
Dol2day, Politic community, Social network, Internet radio (German-speaking 

Social media as a public utility

Social Media as a Public Utility is a theory implying that social networking sites (such as Facebook , LinkedIn , Google+ , Google Search

Social Networking in Plain EnglishSocial Networking in Plain English A short explanation of social networking websites and why they are popular. This video comes in an unbranded “presentation quality” ve…

Social Media Networks – The Huffington Post
This year people will spend more time on digital media than watching TV. TIME TO FREAK OUT!!!! You could loose your sh*t, or you could do the smart thing and cash in …

social-networks-monetized-revenue-presentationSocial Networks Monetized Revenue
from Silkcharm, 5 years ago in Technology
My presentation to WebDirections 2008 (wds08) on social network and social media valuations, revenue streams and monetization (monetisation). Blog post here

Becky Cortino Social Media Influence ScoreBecky Cortino Social Media Influence Score

A Social Network for Introverts, by Introverts
Mashable, on Wed, 04 Dec 2013 15:46:04 -0800
But Sun recently found a whole new audience and pivoted the service into a social network for introverts, as counter-intuitive as that sounds. Unlike some of its competitors like Whisper, it's not fully anonymous, but shy users can mask themselves with

Empire Avenue gives virtual rewards for its social network butterflies …
Empire Avenue is a social network where you can “invest” in your friends by buying their shares in a virtual stock market. And now, if you complete a social media mission, you can earn a new virtual currency that you can use 

Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL: Insights from a Connected World
Derek Hansen, Ben Shneiderman, Marc A. Smith, published 2010, 304 pages

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