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Social media measurement

Social media measurement or ‘social media monitoring is an active monitoring of social media channels for information about a company or

Social Media Video 2013Social Media Video 2013
Social Media Video 2013: Social Media Revolution 4 was written by international best selling author and keynote speaker Erik Qualman. It’s part of a series o…

Social media – Wikipedia
Facebook – an example of a social-media site – had over one billion active users in October 2012.

social-media-trends-2013-24163167Social media trends 2013
from alyisha, 1 year ago in Business
Social Media- Making your Businesses Viral!

The Secret of JetBlue's Social Media Success? Stay at Home Moms, Cat Memes …
Yahoo Travel, on Tue, 29 Jul 2014 02:56:15 -0700
"JetBlue has been spot-on in terms of using social media in ways that really engage consumers, and it's been doing this for much longer than your average brand has," explains social media expert Caroline McCarthy, the vice president of communications

3 Tools to Create a Social Media Hub | Social Media Examiner
Are you using user-generated content in real-time? This article shows four tools that pull your social conversations to a single social media hub.

Social Media Is Bullshit
B. J. Mendelson, published 2012, 240 pages

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