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Small business tips: how to use social media to boost business …
Aug 29, 2013 Knowing how to capitalise on your brand's social media presence is crucial. SME
experts and entrepreneurs share their tips for turning 'likes' 

Social software

Social software applications , also known as social apps, include communication Social networking in a work environment : memo or network

Social Media Marketing for Small BusinessSocial Media Marketing for Small Business
Social media is transforming the way small businesses market themselves. What do you need to know to get the most out of social media for your business? Watc…

Free Social Media and Social Network for Small Business |
Finally, there is a great social network built from the ground up for small business, entrepreneurs, startups and SMBs. Ogoing provides the latest social media …

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Bieber Invests in Social Media for Teens – Small Business Trends
Bieber invests in social media – yes, it's true. He was part of a group of investors to put a combined $1.1 million into new social site called Shots of Me.

Social Media for Small Business: How to Build a Strategic Social Media …
Paul Chaney, published 2012, 0 pages

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