Social Media

Social media measurement

Social media measurement or ‘social media monitoring is sites, micro-blogs such as Twitter , social networking sites, video/photo

The Anti-Social Network - Short FilmThe Anti-Social Network – Short Film
WATCH my next comedic short on EVERY social media stereotype! #Socially Awkward Media Written & Directed by Shae-…

social media network – Boston Herald
New social network for law enforcement to launch. SAN FRANCISCO — The final stages are near completion for the launch of a law enforcement social media network designed. Thursday, December 5, 2013. Herald Keepsake Copies. You are here.

social-media-networking-26138404Social Media Networking
from BeckyWardlow, 8 months ago in Business
In person overview of the 6 major social media platforms for Dixon Library patrons.

This social network may aid workplace diversity
Upstart, on Sun, 25 May 2014 06:07:30 -0700
The site, tentatively dubbed RYSE Connected, will offer a professional setting much like the social network LinkedIn — a virtual place for business owners and executives to connect. It will feature job postings from companies looking to fill executive

The Dangerous Impacts of Social Media on Mental Illnesses
… mental illnesses. Though while this is one instance where social media can be seen as positive in the case of mental health, there have been many other situations where social networking has not been such a good thing.

Who’s In Your Social Network?: Understanding the Risks Associated with …
Pam Stenzel, Melissa Nesdahl, published 2012, 144 pages

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