Small Business Tips – Creating Your Brand

Small Business Tips - Creating Your Brand

Building your brand, brand awareness, brand management, all these are current catch phrases that have filtered down from the corporate world to every business. If as a small business you’ve not yet given any thought to your branding, now is the time to do it. Even a one person business needs to have their own brand these days.

Having said that, branding can be a relatively simple exercise. All a brand means in essence is to have a co-ordinated and easily recognisable look to your business. You want clients and potential clients to be able to identify a product as yours at a glance, to be able to distinguish your advertising from your competitor’s before they have even read it.

To do this you need to design your look. It is strongly recommended to find a designer with experience in business brand creation to work with you on this. Depending on the nature of your business your needs may differ. Some businesses will need product packaging, others brochures and promotional materials. At the very minimum, all small businesses need the following three design elements. If you are on a limited budget you can start with these and progress to branding the rest of your materials as you go along.

A logo is at the heart of your business branding. It will feature on all your promotional materials, your cards, your products and needs to be instantly recognisable as yours. It needs to be graphic and eye-catching and convey the feel and ethos of your business. The colours you use in your logo will establish the colours you use as your general branding. Even is you do nothing else to build your brand, make sure that your get your logo professionally designed.

Business cards
Following on from your logo is your business card design. Once you have established your brand colour scheme and logo it can easily be extended to your business cards with complementary fonts and design.

Every business should have a website today, even if it only a one page portfolio site. Make sure that your web design ties in with your overall brand in colour and style.

Once your brand is established it should be extended to all the design elements of your business: to the brochures you produce, the labels for your products, your email footer, your business signage, your Facebook page and other social media and so on.

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