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Graphics in Photoshop: 6 Beginner Tips for Web Designers
Sep 19, 2011 What follows are some simple tips to follow as you create graphics meant
graphics in Photoshop is by balancing image quality and file size.

Video card

A video card (also called a video adapter, display card, graphics card, graphics there can be picture quality degradation depending on

How to get Better Graphics Quality on the Playstation 4 (Call of Duty Ghosts Gameplay - Update)How to get Better Graphics Quality on the Playstation 4 (Call of Duty Ghosts Gameplay – Update)
More PS4 videos being made as you watch this! Check back! :) ○ Video I was referring to: ○ Good Comparison of PS3 to PS4: http://…

tips:graphics-base:quality_graphics [R Wiki]
Sometimes you need to produce quality graphics for publication. As type of publication can vary a lot, there are also many different ways to achieve the goal.

taking-your-slide-deck-to-the-next-levelTaking Your Slide Deck to the Next Level
from selias22, 6 years ago in Design
A presentation I gave to my faculty at a staff development last month. Originally posted on my blog here: The attention my little slide show has gotten has been truly humbling! What started as a presentation for my staff has taken on a life of its own! THANKS to those who have viewed and shared!

, on

How to Use Stock Photos & Graphics to Jazz Up Your Website …
4 Tips for Finding Images. Stock photos you get on paid sites are almost always far higher quality than photos you'd find on free stock photo sites. Generally these sites work on a sliding scale, depending on the resolution you 

101 Excel 2013 Tips, Tricks and Timesavers
John Walkenbach, published 2013, 312 pages

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