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Designing Heaven

"Designing Heaven" is synthpop trio Heaven 17’s first single from the 1996 album Bigger Than America. It was written by all three members. The single

Guardians of the Galaxy – “Designing Baby Groot” Blu-ray Featurette
Director James Gunn and Vin Diesel on creating the infant version of the sentient tree creature.

Designing for Inclusion
Inclusive design, design for all, digital inclusion, universal usability, and similar efforts address a broad range of issues in making technology available to and usable by all people whatever their abilities, age, economic situation, education, geographic location, language, etc.

usability-principles-to-improve-user-engagementUsability Principles to Improve User Engagement
from MelissaEggleston, ago in Marketing
Making a website easy for your visitors to navigate and use is essential for improving engagement. Understanding usability principles can inform your design and content decisions to make websites more user friendly and successful. Based on a review of publicly available usability research, we discuss what we know about users in terms of both big-picture concepts and nitty-gritty details. By Melissa Eggleston

Tips for Designing a Connected Home That Isn't Chaos
Wired, on Mon, 24 Nov 2014 08:30:00 -0800
But there's a problem for companies trying to make the most of this new market: people don't aspire to have connected homes; we all just want to have a better life at home. As designers who think a lot about the problems and potentials of the connected

Designing the ultimate dream car of tomorrow (pictures …
Airless tires, hydrogen fuel cells and even wings could be featured on the car of tomorrow. Check out our vision for a future dream car based on far-sighted tech concepts.

Designing Books: Practice and Theory
Robin Kinross, Yale University. School of Art. Graphic Design Program, published 1999, 0 pages

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