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Cultural Heritage when designing and developing products and services. needs of Small and Medium Cultural Heritage in businesses (mainly

How to: Design XenDesktop for the Small BusinessHow to: Design XenDesktop for the Small Business
Jamie D. asks how he can use XenDesktop for two small branch office consisting of 5 users each. Find out in this edition of Ask the Architect. For more infor…

Design News & Topics –
News and Articles About Design. Have a Burning Business Question. 7 Stupid Branding Mistakes Your Small Business is Making. Branding is a key pillar for any business but often, entrepreneurs make mistakes when implementing.

graphic-design-for-small-business-free-mobile-websiteGraphic Design for Small Business + FREE MOBILE WEBSITE
from socraticinvestments, 3 months ago in Design
What makes you sure, that your business stands out? SHINE WITH ADVISIBLE WEB DESIGN

How open source launched my small business, on Wed, 23 Jul 2014 00:22:01 -0700
It finally gave me the means and courage to start my first company, a small electronics design studio called Green Shoe Garage. Open source allows me to be more integrator than designer, and when I am working a fixed price contract where time is money, …

Google Web Designer HTML5 Tool is Updated – Small …
The Google Web Designer HTML5 tool was updated, bringing more interactive and animation options for designing ads and tighter AdWords integration. … Joshua Sophy is a staff writer for Small Business Trends, covering technology and business news. He is a journalist and editor with 15 years experience in media. A former newspaper reporter and editor, Joshua also serves as President of the Board of Directors of a curling club and is editor of a regional newsletter …

Logo Design for Small Business
Dan Antonelli, published 2000, 71 pages

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