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video game design | Video game design Game design is the design of games . It is the art of elaborating rules and mechanics to facilitate

Designing the All-New S-Class -- Mercedes-BenzDesigning the All-New S-Class — Mercedes-Benz
When your job is to deliver ”The best or nothing,” there’s only one real option: create the most innovative and refined Mercedes-Benz ever made. Now, we’re…

Magazine Designing
Magazine design related web site that covers all aspects of magazine creation through the art directors point of view.

larry-neilsons-web-design-amp-productionLarry Neilson’s Web Design Portfolio
from PeaceBrother, 3 years ago in Business
Representative Web design by Larry Neilson. Includes HTML, frames, and CSS sites including rollover images, interactive forms, RSS feeds, drop-down menus, embedded movies and Flash slideshows. Seen are both sites produced for the artist himself and commissioned by others. Clients including University of Washington Medical School, MoveOn Seattle Council, the King County Executive, and Seattle Art Cars.

Graphic designing | Social Media LeapGraphic designing | Social Media Leap

Designing Portfolios: Seven Key Investment Principles to Help Keep Clients on …
CFA Institute Enterprising Investor (blog), on Tue, 15 Jul 2014 02:00:00 -0700
You've no doubt heard the famous aphorism that “the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.” The saying may be well worn but it nonetheless serves as a useful call to action — especially when US markets are soaring to new highs

Meshach Taylor Dead — 'Designing Women' Star Dies at …
"Designing Women" star Meshach Taylor died Saturday night … after a long battle with cancer.Taylor's family says he passed away at his home in…

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