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When designing software, two important factors to consider are its security and usability. Software Design : Design Principles: Software design

Fashion Design SoftwareFashion Design Software
TexPro is the name of design CAD Software. Fashion Illustration, Shoes design, Knit and Tricot design, Sofa design, Neck Tie and scarf, Carpet and Interior d…

Designing The World Of Programming Infographic – Smashing Magazine
Smashing Magazine Jump to the front page. Information graphics (or infographics) are used to display information in ways that are more creative than plain old text. These days, they surround us in the media, published works, road signs and manuals.

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Google X spin-out Flux is harnessing data to make designing buildings better
GigaOM, on Tue, 06 May 2014 04:26:15 -0700
β€œIt's insane how antiquated the current building process is,” Flux co-founder Michelle Kaufmann, a leading architect who's built a career on designing pre-fab and sustainable buildings, told me in an interview. Kaufmann and her three co-founders β€” all …

Ivan Chermayeff, Thomas H. Geismar, Steff Geissbuhler, published 2003, 352 pages

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