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RC: Tips for Creating Quality Philips ProntoPro Graphics (1)
The purpose of this article is not to tell you how to design your Philips ProntoPro
or aid in coming up with an original layout, but rather to assist you in obtaining 

Computer graphics

Computer graphics are graphics created using computer s and the representation of rendering performance versus quality of the resultant

Upgrading the Graphics Card of your Old or Aging Gaming System NCIX Tech TipsUpgrading the Graphics Card of your Old or Aging Gaming System NCIX Tech Tips
Is there any point buying a new graphics card for your old gaming rig? Now we have the answer! Today on NCIX Tech Tips Linus upgrades a gaming machine that i…

adobe photoshop – tips on designing high-quality semi photo-realistic icons that attempt to be modelled 3-D …
I'm an amateur graphic designer. When I'm free I do some simple graphic designing with Photoshop and Illustrator (mess around with the pen tool, add style to a layer, adjust hue of an image, etc). I've been a great fan of Dribbble and I'm always fascinated by the amazing pieces of art there.

inspire-graphic-design-for-nondesigners-mar-2014Inspire! Graphic design for non-designers mar 2014
from CommunicateAndHowe, 3 days ago in Design
GRAPHIC DESIGN FOR NON-DESIGNERS Have you ever wondered what graphic designers know that makes their work look so great? Our panel shares their secrets so that you can make your own posters, brochures and other print materials. Anyone can make effective and attractive materials with the right knowledge. You’ll come away with tips and advice that can noticeably improve your desktop publishing or do-it-yourself design and a get better sense of when to use the talents of a trained graphic

Gadget Guy Tablet Reviews
WISC Madison, on Thu, 13 Mar 2014 02:13:47 -0700
OUR GADGET GUY JOINS US FROM HIS HOLIDAY HEADQUARTERS WITH SOME TABLET-BUYING TIPS. PACKAGE. — STEVE –. REMEMBER THE OLD DAYS WHEN THE Even though Apple made the iPad Air thinner and lighter, they didn't sacrifice screen quality at all. This

10 Tips for Better LCD Image Quality | ExtremeTech
This created the potential for image quality problems, as the video card would convert from digital to analog, feed the analog VGA signal to the LCD, which would then reconvert back to digital. Today, of course, almost all new LCDs ship with DVI inputs; some now come with HDMI inputs, while a few are showing up with the new DisplayPort connector. Graphics cards, and even some motherboards with integrated graphics, have DVI and, sometimes, HDMI outputs.

Tips and Tricks for Web Site Managers
unknown, published 2000, 150 pages

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