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2D computer graphics

2D computer graphics is the computer -based generation of digital image s—mostly from two-dimensional models (such as 2D geometric model s

The Evolution Of Real Time PC GraphicsThe Evolution Of Real Time PC Graphics
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Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 – Leipzig April 2-5
From the 2nd to 5th of April 2014 developers, users and enthusiasts of FLOSS graphic tools will meet at the University Leipzig. Libre Graphics Meeting 2014. Magic Lantern – free your camera. Building an OpenHardware Spectrograph for Color Profiling in Linux. Blender and the Manikin.

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casa loma - ircasa loma – ir

How demanding are you of games' graphics? - Off Topic Discussions ...How demanding are you of games' graphics? – Off Topic Discussions …

Nvidia's mobile Maxwell GPU is a monster, beating all current AMD and NV …
ExtremeTech, on Thu, 06 Mar 2014 07:53:46 -0800
This kind of debut in laptops could spur additional interest in licensing the company's graphics technology. We haven't heard of anyone signing up for a Kepler license to date, but power efficiency turns heads these days. If Maxwell keeps delivering

AMD Reveals $279 Radeon R9 280 Graphics Card, Release Date …
AMD just took the wraps off a new addition to its R9 line of graphics cards.

Architectural Graphics
Francis D. K. Ching, published 2012, 256 pages

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